Archon IX7 Tactical Men’s Shorts




Discover the ultimate in tactical comfort with our Archon IX7 Tactical Men’s Shorts. These shorts are meticulously engineered for performance and endurance.

Featuring a windproof coating, these shorts keep you warm and shielded from the elements. Quick-drying material ensures rapid air circulation, preventing that stifling feeling during intense activities. Made from moisture-wicking polyester, they keep you dry and fresh post-workout.

Waterproof technology adds an extra layer of protection, making these shorts versatile for various outdoor endeavors. With mixed scratch-resistant and wear-resistant fabric, they’re ideal for rugged activities like hiking and hunting.

Breathable components ensure you stay comfortable even during strenuous tasks. Whether you’re training or embarking on outdoor adventures, our Archon IX7 Tactical Men’s Shorts are the perfect choice for tactical performance.

Hip circumference108113117120124
Leg circumference6062636465