Emergency Camouflage Sleeping Bag

Army Green



Prepare for emergencies with our Emergency Camouflage Sleeping Bag. This durable and compact sleeping bag is designed for your safety and comfort during unexpected situations.

Crafted from 170T polyester silk spinning camouflage sizing fabric, it’s not only sturdy but also highly functional. The lining, made of 170T polyester spinning sizing cloth, ensures a comfortable and secure rest.

Featuring an Army Green Camouflage color, this sleeping bag provides both camouflage and protection from the elements. With dimensions of (180+30) * 75cm, it offers ample space to keep you warm and secure during emergencies.

The Emergency Camouflage Sleeping Bag is an essential addition to your emergency kit, ensuring you have a reliable shelter option when needed. Its compact design makes it easy to store and transport, and its camouflage pattern adds an extra layer of protection in the wild.

Don’t compromise on your safety and comfort during unforeseen situations. Invest in our Emergency Camouflage Sleeping Bag and be prepared for the unexpected.