Burncare Emergency Medical Hydrogel Burn Gel




Bullet Points:
1,Stop Burn Progression Immediately: Burn dressing gel is formulated to act quickly in burn situations to provide cooling, soothing temporary discomfort relief, prevent contamination, and stop burn progression.
2, Lower Skin Temperature: Hydrogel dressings lower and stabilize skin temperature, cooling by transfer rather than evaporation to reduce the risk of hypothermia.
3,Easy Removal: Hydrogel burn pads are easy to remove and do not stick to the wound. They can be applied directly to clothing to help remove burnt clothing.
4,Non-Irritating and Safe: Hydrogel dressing is non-irritating and will not harm the skin. It is sterile and safe to heal your wound and feel good on your skin.
5,Essential Items for Homes: Burn gel pads are a must have for workers around the fire, kitchen, and recreation. Convenient to use in your home, car, RV, and camping.
1. The dressing will not stick to the burn wound.
2. For rapid treatments, burn dressing can relieve and cool burns, scalds, and sunburns.
3. Continue to cool the wound area to effectively protect the wound.
4. A must-have for around the fire, kitchen, and recreation.
5. It is a non-irritating and safe solution for wound management.

Name: Burn Gel Dressing Patch
Material: Purified water + natural tea tree oil + emulsifier
Size:5x5cm; 10x10cm; 20x20cm 30x30cm; 20x45cm;40x60cm

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