Akmax All Season Intermediate Modular Sleep System Sleeping Bag




Product Description

Patrol/Recon sleeping bag using Nylon Ripstop and High-grade military filling material,high fluffy,compression resistant.
Double-sided heavy-duty YKK zipper is strong and durable.Heat-treated seams ensure water and moisture resistance.
Head Velcro for easy opening and closing of the top cover.
The comfortable temperature is recommended to be 5-15 degrees;extremely low temperature -1 degree.
Size: from 233x94cm (width) to 233x61cm (narrow)

Intermediate sleeping bag Filling:Polarguard HV High-grade military filling material, high fluffy,compression resistant. Even if wet, it has a certain thermal insulation performance
Temperature scale:comfortable temperature recommended-15-0 degrees; with patrol sleeping bag+camping bag together Use,can reach -40 degrees,comfortable temperature recommended -30 to -20.
Size: from 221x90cm (width) to 221x58cm (narrow).
Double-sided heavy-duty YKK zipper is strong and durable. Soft lining, zipper and shoulder draft tubes keep the warm air in; it unzips on one side and the bottom for easy access.