Rhino Rescue Military IFAK EDC Pouch




Rhino Rescue EDC Trauma Kits offer users the option of keeping the most essential trauma medical equipment and tools. Accessible and concealable for the wearer, this trauma pouch provide a great choice for all day wear.

1-【Trauma Essentials】

Tourniquets can effectively control severe bleeding in emergency. Emergency bandage and compressed gauze can apply pressure to the wound and decrease blood loss. Nitrile gloves, bandage scissors and pen are handy tools in first aid.

2-【Tactical Belt Pouch】

RHINO RESCUE edc pouch with molle system can be easily attached to the belt. Law enforcement officers or other self-sufficient individuals can easily carry it everywhere. Compact and lightweight, this edc bag is your first choice for daily wear.

The IFAK bag is durable, well-designed and compact. All configurations in this kit are our popular and highly-regarded first aid supplies. RHINO RESCUE first aid products are safe, reliable and responsible, which is recognized by the customers.

Product List(8pc)

1 x Bag
1 x Emergency Bandage
1 x Tape
1 x Scissor
1 x Chest seal
1 x Compress Guaze
1 x Tourniquet(Plastic Windlass)
1 x Marker
1 x Elastic bandage